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A good implementation methodology ensures not only that a system is set up properly from a technical perspective, but also that users understand the system and learn to work with it. Profource has therefore developed the FAST methodology. This implementation methodology is used for SaaS applications and PaaS supporting integrations and add-ons. It is a practical methodology with a fast turnaround time and an excellent track record.

Shoulder to shoulder

The basis of this methodology is ‘shoulder to shoulder’. As one team we work in a structured manner on the implementation. This ensures focus, clear communication and a short turnaround time. Moreover, you learn to work with the new system on the job. Based on our experience, we guide and coach the team and identify risks at an early stage.


Learning by doing

Our entire project approach is aimed at getting you working in the new environment yourself as soon as possible. This means that we make the ERP solution available early on in the process. During the implementation, you as the client get to work with the conversion yourself and work with the new system on a weekly basis. So you learn by doing and are also better able to validate the solution. Our experience is that this way of working and learning is much more effective than training afterwards.


Focus through weekly workshops

In the FAST implementation method, we start with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Once this is in place, we expand and zoom in on the details of the process. Iteratively, in weekly workshops, we add the topics that have the most value in your business operations. By using short iterations and monitoring progress weekly we keep focus and ensure from both sides that we are taking the right actions and that we understand each other. This way we maximize the added value of the solution with minimal risk.



Every week or every 2 weeks we show you the progress of the project. Because you yourself are intensively involved in the process, this is never a surprise. You will always have visibility and control over the implementation and at any time during the project there is the possibility to adjust.


Stay CALM move FAST

To make use of accelerated and flexible Cloud service models, not only an appropriate implementation methodology is necessary but also a good management methodology. In addition to FAST, Profource developed CALM, a management methodology for Cloud Application Lifecycle Management. Read more about this methodology here.

How our client experiences it in practice:

“We were really a team. That gave us a very clear focus and we knew exactly what we could expect from each other. This way we worked efficiently and step by step towards the end result. Not only did we implement the system well technically, but this way of working also created a lot of support for and understanding of the new system during implementation. Profource is a very professional organization with expertise, but also, and this is really remarkable, an organization with a very pleasant culture. You can see that in the people you work with. Open, approachable and extremely involved.

Stephanie Lange, chain manager IT&C service chain Staff at ASR


Vincent Managing Director

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