With SaaS Cloud you’ll get the mobile and communication benefits that you’re used to at your home. You can have OTBI analytics at your fingertips and get the real-time information that you need to run your business. Standardize and rapidly improve HCM and ERP business processes, plan, forecast and consolidate smarter with EPM Cloud.

The steps:

  • Continuous innovation delivery with CALM methodology
  • Simply see SaaS as a box of standard functionalities
  • After your first implementation phase you want to continue delivering innovations and functionalities to your business customers
  • The Cloud SaaS applications come with four releases per year
  • Profource supports you with our ‘CALM’ contact center with applications questions and supports your new releases.

We can help you with environment management, interfacing, testing and the implementation of new features and functions during each release cycle. We advise you on functionality that makes sense to your business and helpful add-ons that will make your innovations even more agile.

Stay CALM.

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