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All of our consultants begin their career at the executive level and are able to quickly familiarise themselves with in-house financial processes and systems. As a client, you won’t fail to notice how practical their advice is.

Profource doesn’t just train its people to become specialists in finance and control; we also assume responsibility for their development as consultants. Our in-house training programme ensures they continuously improve their insight into financial processes and systems while developing their capacity to take a helicopter view of a situation and look beyond their own field. Their knowledge of your industry, rules and regulations, reporting tools and other professional developments is always up to date.

Profource offers two specialisms within Finance & Control: Financial & Purchasing Administration and Planning & Control. We select precisely the right specialists for you on an interim or project basis and according to your business needs. For example, our financial specialists can help you to implement and improve your P & C processes. Or our consultants can be on hand to assist you through structural change or with implementing changes in rules and regulations (such as IFRS, US GAAP or BBV). Or we can supply trainers, supervisors or controllers. Whatever the need, our goal remains the same: streamline processes and improve structural efficiency. And by sharing our knowledge and skills with your employees, we ensure the solutions are anchored firmly in your organisation so they continue to yield long-term benefits.

Financial & Purchasing Administration. Whatever your needs, be they for debt and credit control officers, operational purchasing staff or senior consultants, you can rest assured that all of our specialists are highly productive and capable of looking beyond their own field. Which means they do a lot more than merely carry out the agreed tasks; they are trained both to spot opportunities for process optimisation and to act on their findings wherever possible.

Planning & Control. Our controllers can be deployed for financial, business and project management. Their multi-disciplinary understanding of finance, control and ICT is invaluable, and allows them to offer clear and comprehensive analyses of a situation and act on their findings. Our affinity with applications and Business Intelligence tools allows them to harness the full potential of your Planning & Control processes. Wherever possible, they use Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tools to improve and automate your P & C reporting. Our controllers function as a team, with each member working to raise the team’s individual and collective knowledge and effectiveness by, among other things, contributing to one another’s professional development and keeping themselves and each other up to date on any changes in industry-specific rules and regulations.


Jurgen Director Finance & Control

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