Why e-invoicing pays off (& you can’t really avoid it)

Everyone who runs a business knows this: A healthy cash flow is the most important indicator of how your company is doing. In fact, you can be a profitable company and still go bankrupt if your cash flow is negative. Crucial to a healthy cash flow is prompt payment of invoices. That’s where e-invoicing can… Read more »

NetSuite 2021.1 release

NetSuite 2021.1 Release: Our top 5 new functionalities

Is your company set for the newest release? A new year, time for the NetSuite 2021.1 release! Starting this month and continuing through April, the newest NetSuite ERP software update will be released and gives its users the possibility to streamline their business even further. The release contains some promising new features and enhancements. As… Read more »

Review: Prevent General Ledger Period Closure When Open Subledger Periods Exist

Oracle introduced the ‘General Ledger Period Closure When Open Subledger Periods Exist’ as a new functionality in the Oracle Cloud ERP release 20A and enhanced it in releases 20D and 21A. According to Oracle documentation, the functionality ‘prevents the closure of a General Ledger accounting period if the accounting period for any of the corresponding… Read more »

an addition to the well-known Cross-Validation Rules (CVR)

Oracle General Ledger Related Value Sets

Oracle recently introduced the related value sets as a new functionality ‘General Ledger Related Value Sets’ in the Oracle Cloud ERP release 20D. According to Oracle documentation the functionality provides a new way to define dependencies between two segments in a chart of accounts to ensure only valid combinations are used during data entry. The… Read more »