work life balance

Keep your balance in check – time to talk overtime

Employees are often required to put in extra hours outside of their regular work schedule, whether during evenings, weekends or holidays. Making excess hours is part of the job, but you can strike a better balance between overtime, time off and pay-out with the new Compensatory Plan in Absence Management and its seamless integration with… Lees meer »

Using the Alerts Library to gain insight into your Oracle HCM processes

The power of Oracle HCM Cloud lies in its ability to use all transactional data for reporting, providing HR users and Line Managers with the information they need to transform data into actionable insights. Of course, the Oracle Business Intelligence Tool allows users to create Reports and Dashboards as well, but those rely on user… Lees meer »

chatbot Oracle

Employee Assistant Chatbot in Oracle HCM Cloud

No employee wants to waste time when entering daily information in an HCM application. The Oracle digital assistant within Oracle HCM Cloud helps you speed up your work. Instead of using the traditional method of navigating into Oracle HCM Cloud, you can use the digital assistant on the landing page or use SMS or Facebook… Lees meer »

find and replace functionality

How to use the improved Oracle ‘Search and Replace functionality’

Mass update of user interface texts, messages, menu labels and the Enterprise Scheduler to the organization’s terminology Oracle has improved its functionality of mass updating text within the application. User-friendly ‘Find and Replace’ functionality enables mass updating of a specific word or set of words within the user-interface. Its purpose is to optimize the user-interface… Lees meer »

Oracle and GDPR – Data Obfuscation

What is Obfuscation? Since 25 May 2018, all companies operating in the European Union (EU) must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is a regulation in EU law regarding data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the EU. Controllers of personal data must put in place appropriate technical and… Lees meer »

timekeeping made easy

Timekeeping made easy

Submit and approve from anywhere Employees can enter their timecards and submit their absences anytime, anywhere, and without the use of their laptop or an office environment. What’s more, their manager can approve these timecards when and where needed too, using the same app. Saving time across the organization Quick and timely entry of timecards… Lees meer »

Optimaliseer je bedrijfsprocessen met Oracle APEX dashboards

Direct inzicht in stuurinformatie Oracle e-Business Suite (eBS) bevat als ERP-systeem veel waardevolle, maar onbenutte operationele stuurinformatie, terwijl deze informatie bedrijfsprocessen kan optimaliseren. In de praktijk gaan eindgebruikers maar al te vaak aan de slag met eigen downloads die vervolgens handmatig worden samengevoegd in Excel. Dit is omslachtig, tijdrovend en een bron van foutieve of… Lees meer »

BI as a Service

  Make use of what you have An ERP-system contains an enormous amount of valuable data, capturing exactly how your business is doing. But what you need is getting it to tell you how you are doing. Oracle Cloud Business Intelligence can do this for you. The data you need is already in the system,… Lees meer »

Meet the REST API!

REST API? REST API: the data exchange tool. Meet the API Becoming the new standard for data-exchange between applications within Oracle Fusion, the API (application programming interface) is a set of rules and mechanisms (using HTTP) by which one application or component can interact with the other in every possible format, such as XML and… Lees meer »